Future retail CEO?


Turning 5 is a milestone for the pint-sized set. It calls for a special celebration; something meaningful, of course, and reflective of what the child loves. For some that might translate into a princess-themed party, Disney characters or maybe Marvel superheroes.

One North Carolina girl had an entirely different idea in mind: Kimber Walker wanted a Costco-themed birthday party to commemorate turning 5 years old.

“We set up a store,” says her mom Niki. “We bought snacks at Costco, and all the kids went through the little store that we set up and purchased the snacks. And we had a little cash register station set up.”

Kimber’s friends could make membership cards or take their picture in front of an “Employee of the Month” sign. The birthday girl received an employee badge with her name on it and a cake bearing the Costco logo.

In sync with the Costco experience, party guests sampled Kirkland treats around the home and enjoyed pizza purchased from the store’s food court.

Kimber was thrilled to have her wish come true. Now she’s begun thinking about plans for her sixth birthday. “I was thinking for another birthday party, I would do a Walmart kind,” she told InsideEdition.com.

Retail recruiters listen up: This girl has the qualities of a future CEO.


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