Try before you buy … and apply


Anyone who’s ever paid to have makeup done for a special occasion and was disappointed with the results (or worse, washed it off before going out) can truly appreciate the virtual try-on trend gaining momentum in the beauty industry. So can makeup artists.

According to a survey of over 350 makeup artists, 81 percent said they would like to be able to offer their clients a preview of a makeup look before applying it. The survey was conducted by Poshly in collaboration with the Chic Studio Makeup School.

Perfect365, a free try-on makeup and beauty platform, is a leader in the digital beauty evolution with more than 80 million users. The app uses face detection which allows for accurate makeup placement both on photos and in live video. It knows exactly where eye shadow should be applied and how to contour cheekbones. Other apps in this category include ModiFace and FaceCake.

“Digital makeup offers the opportunity to create a look for a client and get an idea of what it will look like before applying it to the face,” says celebrity makeup artist Kabuki. “Technology is opening up new avenues in makeup and endless possibilities to expose people to something new.”

It may also play a role in reducing product returns, an ongoing issue for the beauty industry. In fact, 42 percent of counter makeup artists report product returns as the most frequent issue encountered.

Virtual try-on solutions are quickly becoming table stakes for beauty companies small and large — in other words, a digital game-changer.


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