E-commerce continues to grow


If retailers haven’t yet made the leap to online, they are no longer just late to the party: The party has all but passed them by. The 2016 Future of Retail study from PR firm Walker Sands shows that one-third of consumers now shop online at least once a week. And their expectations are high, with 69 percent of shoppers saying one-day shipping is an incentive to purchase.

It cuts across all categories, too. One-fourth of consumers have purchased luxury online in the last year — almost four times the rate of just two years ago.

Small wonder that companies like Snap are moving away from trendy pop-up shops and into online. Initially available in pop-up shops and vending machines, Snap’s Spectacles — with a built-in camera ready for posting on Snapchat — are now available through e-commerce. Two-thirds of consumers want to purchase electronics online, according to Walker Sands.


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