The perfect recipe


Maybe it’s an age thing, but the thought of stirring the sauce while watching a video showing how to stir the sauce seems a little cumbersome. Buzzfeed site Tasty produces one-minute cooking videos; realizing that videos aren’t the only way people like to cook, it recently came out with a physical cookbook.

Here is what separates the wheat from the chaff: It’s personalized. Shoppers simply choose recipes based on the recipient — such as the entertainer or health nut. For those too lazy to select, the website will offer suggestions.
Then, add a 300-character message — and possibly an emoji — and the book is off to the printer. Choose between softcover for $24 or hardback spiral-bound for $35. Go for the upgrade, which allows it to lay flat on the kitchen counter. No pausing or rewinding required.

Customization is all the rage, to be sure. But when combined with an already buzzworthy website niche, it has the potential to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.


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