A robotic cart


Leave it to classic scooter manufacturer Vespa to make a cart cool. There’s no need to drag that wheeled shopping bag when Gita can roll behind, collecting every item that you pick up.

Gita — pronounced “jee-ta,” meaning “short trip” in Italian — is the first product launched by Piaggio Group’s Fast Forward arm. Two-wheeled Gita tracks the owner and follows along behind. A lid in the flip top holds the cargo.

An added bonus: Gita can learn and communicate. The concept is being tested in business environments before consumer applications, though there are plenty of those: The electronic droid can perform solo in a mapped environment, making its own deliveries and pickups.

Videos even show Gita walking the dog (which might make it a great application for rainy days).

No matter how fast you shop, Gita can probably keep up. Its top speed is about 21 miles per hour. Usain Bolt, the so-called “fastest man in the world,” runs at 28 miles per hour. Perhaps he could leave Gita in the dust, but the rest of us should be just fine with the small companion tagging along.


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