A book and a bra?


Amazon is out to conquer the world of shopping, and intimate apparel is not immune. The Wall Street Journal notes that it began selling bras priced under $10 in Europe under the label Iris & Lilly.

The price point is, of course, a far cry from brands like Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret, where the average retail price is about four times that. The newspaper notes that “Amazon … has a history of leveraging consumer data from its online listings and offering cut-rate prices to grab market share.”

This may just be the most challenging market yet: Bra fit is difficult for most women to gauge, hence the rise in professional fitting services. But Amazon has proven that it isn’t afraid to enter markets that were once safe from e-commerce. It’s become the second-largest apparel retailer in the United States, according to Morgan Stanley, singlehandedly forcing retailers to respond to free shipping and next-day delivery. Two- and one-hour are now the vanguard.

Amazon may well add to the bra-in-a-box. But are shoppers of intimate apparel really ready to forgo the scented tissue paper? That remains to be seen.


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