Nothing casual about success


UNTUCKit’s button-down shirts tap into the “disheveled business-casual” market — they are designed to be worn untucked without looking sloppy. The key was defining the right length, says co-founder and CEO Aaron Sanandres: “Only to the middle of the zipper,” he says, “no lower, which gives the shirt style.”

The company launched online in 2011, and opened its first physical store in New York City in 2015. Locations followed in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin, Texas; all became profitable less than one year after opening. Plans call for opening about 100 more stores by 2020.

“If you’re just digital, just online,” Sanandres says, “it doesn’t have the same cachet as retail stores.”

He describes the stores as “practical — no glitz and glamour.” Each location has homegrown touches: Local flags on the wall in Chicago, horns in Austin. The stores range in size from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet; one of each shirt style is featured on mannequins or hangers, along with other men’s apparel.

Sanandres says average annual store sales “are in the same range as stores like J.Crew, with sales per square foot that our retail competitors would probably find enviable.

“Once you have the size, all our shirts fit the same, so it’s very easy and people walk out with a shirt they know is designed to fit.”

New York City
CEO: Aaron Sanandres
Locations: 5



Liz Parks is a Union City, N.J.-based writer with extensive experience reporting on retail, pharmacy and technology issues.


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