Store Displays Get Smart


A dozen of the largest consumer goods manufacturers no longer need to wait for sales figures to come in before knowing how a product promotion fares. Shelfbucks’ SmartDisplay merchandising platform generates more than 20 million data points and detailed observations every day and night from point-of-purchase displays throughout every store’s selling areas and stock rooms.

Manufacturers can understand how merchandise is performing, while understanding factors that influence sales such as supply chain, display arrival and sales floor execution.

Shelfbucks installed 27 SmartDisplay units in 2016 for companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kraft Heinz and Duracell.

The displays included end caps, floor stands, trays, power wings, side wings and shelf extenders. The displays provide reports on when and where they are installed, providing marketing and sales goals. Shoppers can interact with the displays to receive product content or promotional offerings.

Manufacturers understood more about when the product displays left the distribution centers and arrived in stores: Too early and the product could sell out before the peak promotion; too late and the promotion was over. Helping manufacturers and retailers enjoy their Goldilocks moments resulted in a 77 percent lift in incremental sales and identified opportunities for retailers and brands to further increase sales by 30-45 percent.

Until there’s a display that physically sneaks an item into a shopper’s basket, manufacturers and retailers may just have to be content with one that constantly communicates.


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