Vending wheels


Everything is bigger in Texas — even the vending machines.

Houston is now home to the nation’s largest fully automated coin-operated car vending machine. Operated by Carvana, it stands eight stories tall, stores up to 30 cars and contains four delivery bays.

Carvana markets itself as “a better way to buy a car.” Customers visiting can search for and buy their desired car online. They have the option to trade in a car or to set up vehicle financing through Carvana. Once they click the buy button, the choice is theirs: have the car delivered to their door or pick it up at the car vending machine.

Just to make the experience more authentic, customers who choose to pick up at the vending machine receive an oversized Carvana coin to drop into the custom coin slot, initiating the vending process. They then stand back and wait for their car to be retrieved from the tower and move through the vending machine until it reaches a delivery bay where the customer takes possession.

The Houston location is Carvana’s second car vending machine; the first, located in Nashville, is five stories tall and holds up to 20 cars.

In the quest to deliver memorable customer experiences, this one raises the bar.


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