Make mine a triple


Something new is brewing in the coffee section of your local supermarket. It’s a Draft Latte — in a can.

The drink, made with hormone-free milk and high-quality cold-pressed espresso, is the newest addition to the ever-growing premium ready-to-drink coffee category. Made by La Colombe Coffee Roasters and billed as “revolutionary” and the “only beverage of its kind,” the draft latte is lower in calories than other ready-to-drink coffees on the market.

What really sets it apart, though, is the ground-breaking can, which froths the ingredients when it is cracked open — making it the only cold latte that delivers the texture and silky foam that latte-lovers crave. Making frothy micro foam in a can isn’t easy; it’s nearly a scientific wonder, in fact, incorporating valves, an injection of liquid nitrous oxide and a plastic cover that assures one’s lips never touch the aluminum can.

There are four options available: Original, Vanilla, Mocha and Triple, which contains three shots of pure espresso.

Among coffee drinkers the average consumption in the United States is about three cups per day. Then again, if the caffeine-powered can get all that latte goodness in a can, that statistic could bump upwards.


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