Informing decisions


The road to transparency is becoming easier for shoppers, especially those who place a premium on healthy eating.

Consumers often claim to be confused by labels such as organic, all-natural, sustainable and healthy. Is it really better to buy cage-free eggs or antibiotic-free milk? A new product labeling system, created and developed by HowGood, may be just what’s needed to help shoppers buy with confidence.

HowGood independently researches and grades products based on factors such as sustainability, ethical animal treatment and environmental impact. The Brooklyn-based startup, founded in 2007 by brothers Alexander and Arthur Gillet, works with thousands of experts and data partners to assess the products and let consumers know which products meet the strict criteria, thus allowing shoppers to make more informed decisions.

The rating system is comparatively simple; there are three options — good, great and best — with only a small portion of products earning the “best” designation. The rating tag sits next to the price tag in most stores.

HowGood has rated more than 200,000 products and has set its sights on reaching 350,000 by the end of 2017. The ratings are currently available in 27 states, and are used by retailers of all sizes. Ahold’s Giant Food stores, located in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore areas, signed on recently; the program will be launched in a limited number of stores.

The company website says that stores average a 31 percent boost in sales for those best-rated products. Stats like that drives home the message that giving the consumer the information needed to make an informed decision is a game-changer.


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